Climate Vulnerability

Beacon Hill Seminars - 2018 Program

Responding to the Physical, Economic & Social Challenges of Earth's Changing Climate

conducted by
Timothy C. Weiskel
Research Director, Cambridge Climate Research Associates and
The Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI)
Copyright, ©, 2018, Timothy C. Weiskel



Class Session 3

Some Resouces & Topics to Think About

We missed a class again this week, but here are some of the topics I wanted to cover in our missed session. Look them over when you get a chance over the weekend, and think of it as a "backdrop" to our discussions this coming Wednesday. Save any questions you may have and bring them along.

With any luck, I am hoping we will be joined by a Boston "water expert" for at least part of our 2hrs.on Wednesday the 28th.


  Overview of Problem:
    "Cities and States - A Tale of Two Cities
[ & Two States of Mind ]"
  The case of hurricane Irma...
  There are larger social dynamics at work...
  Consider the power of the Internet and the role of CLEO

(Does Boston have any institution similar to CLEO? If not, in your estimation, should we create one? Who is "we?")

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