Climate Vulnerability

Beacon Hill Seminars - 2018 Program

Responding to the Physical, Economic & Social Challenges of Earth's Changing Climate

conducted by
Timothy C. Weiskel
Research Director, Cambridge Climate Research Associates and
The Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI)
Copyright, ©, 2018, Timothy C. Weiskel



Class Session 6

Some Resouces & Topics to Follow-up the Class Session

There is supplementary material available here to follow-up and provide further information and "clickable leads" to the two presentations given on Wednesday, 11 April.

Click on the links that may be of interest to you.


  Slides for Part 1 of Session - T.C. Weiskel

"The Climate Vulnerability of Local and National Infrastructure" - [Links to references in red letters within slides]

See also:

"'Climate Ready' & Caught By Surprise: Boston's Urgent Struggle to Face the Challenge of a Changing Climate"

  Slides & Supplementary Links for Part 2 of Session - Z. Zevitas
    "... & Energy Systems"
    Further Links following presentation topics:

Time-Lapse of Earth from the International Space Station

Airborne Particles in Earth's Atmosphere

Proposed Coal Fired Power Plants in the US

Proposed Coal Fired Power Plants in China

COALERGY Ad - "In reality there is no clean coal."

Good Day Sunshine: A Nobel Prize-winning environmental scientist and his eco-minded wife create a cutting-edge solar house

British Columbia Enacted the Most Significant Carbon Tax in the Western Hemisphere. What Happened Next Is It Worked.

Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion? - MIT Professor Dennis Whyte

Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

China Runs Fusion Experiment

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